Useful info about the house market in Portugal

Clima em Portugal


Climate of Mainland Portugal The climate in Portugal varies considerably from one region to another and is influenced by the relief, latitude and proximity to the sea, which offers mild winters, especially in the Algarve. In the Porto e Norte…

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História de Portugal

A Reflex of the city of Porto near the sunset

History of Portugal With such a long sea coast, it is not surprising that Portugal has witnessed so many sailings and arrivals. This is why we have been open to the world and to communication for so long. We have…

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Passaportes, Visas e Residência


Passports, visas and residency Passports and visas EU citizens must be in possession of a valid national identity card or passport to enter Portugal. It must be valid for the duration of their stay, which can be up to 90…

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Sistema Fiscal em Portugal


Portugal’s tax system Portugal’s taxation system is similar to the systems of other EU countries. There is a double taxation agreement between Portugal and the UK. Personal taxation: non-residents In general, non-residents are only subject to income tax on income…

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Financiamento de Propriedades


Portuguese Property Mortgages Purchasers needing finance for their property purchase have the choice of remortgaging their UK home or arranging a mortgage on their Portuguese property through a Portuguese or UK lender. Remortgaging offers the easiest route. Releasing equity in…

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Comprar uma Propriedade em Portugal


Buying a property in Portugal Following a verbal agreement, the purchaser’s lawyer ensures that the title deeds and other documents, including the caderneta urbana, which defines the property’s size, boundaries and rateable value, and the habitation licence, which demonstrates its…

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